David Kohner Zuckerman


David Kohner Zuckerman is the President of DKZ Films. His last film, “Strictly Sexual” has become the most watched movie of all-time on www.Hulu.com. It was so popular that Hulu will be launching a series based on the movie later this year. David’s recent “All I Want for Christmas,” was very successful for the Hallmark Channel and he has served as a producer on the films “Catalina Trust,” “Chump Change,” and “Caught in the Act.” For many years, ran Development for Silver Lion Films, where he worked on movies such as “Man on Fire” and “Crocodile Dundee in L.A.” He is a member of the Producers Guild of America, a licensed psychotherapist, and a frequent contributor to magazines such as “Writer” and “Soma.” Additionally, David heads both www.VirtualPitchFest.com and www.ScriptCoach.com.

Upcoming projects for DKZ Films include the TV series “Instinct,” based on the novels by Robert Walker, “Afterlife,” a supernatural thriller, and “Murdergirls,” a teen drama. To contact DKZ Films, please send an email to david@scriptcoach.com.

Jillian Stein


Jillian Stein cut her teeth on the sets of “Spiderman,” “Mona Lisa Smile” and “Maid in Manhattan.” In 2005, Jillian went to work for then agent Brian Lee at CAA, before becoming a Development Executive at Solaris Entertainment, where she served as a Production Executive on Lionsgate’s upcoming “Warrior.” In 2009, Jillian launched Flies with Honey Productions and recently co-produced “Black Gold,” starring Billy Zane.

Jim Whelehan


Producer Jim Whelehan is the founder and President of Sun-Spot Productions. He has served as an executive producer on the films “Continuity,” “On the Outside” and “Hott Damned” (which premiered at the Texas Black Film Festival and is moving forward with a comic book and web series). Upcoming projects for Jim and Sun-Spot include the feature “Two Wheels and a Taxi,” and “Upper/Lower,” a full-length documentary. Please check out www.sun-spotproductions.com for more information on Jim and Sun-Spot.

Gary T. McDonald


After Gary T. McDonald’s first film became a finalist for the Student Film Oscar Nomination, he was asked to participate in a special summer-long Method acting training program conducted by actor/filmmaker Dennis Hopper. Soon thereafter, Gary wrote and directed the critically acclaimed feature “Rape/Crisis,” which won the Grand Prix at the Mostra du Film d’Epernay in France and First Prize at the Athens International Film Fest. After being selected as one of four young directors to participate in AFI’s annual Director Internship Program, Gary was mentored by Ron Howard on “Cocoon.”

Following that, he served as a producer on “The Thin Blue Line” and “Doctor Death,” directed “The Sea Wolf,” and sold a screenplay about John Dillinger called “Tommy Boys” to Twentieth Century Fox. Many other assignments followed.

Bill Goldstein

Executive Producer

Bill Goldstein has been a supporter of independent films for decades and has held top positions in both distribution and production.

Bill currently works as a private practice psychotherapist in Santa Monica, has been on staff at UCLA, and also served with the Peace Corps in Ecuador.

Georges Salo

Executive Producer

Georges Salo has developed over 30 scripts, ranging from romantic thrillers to comedies. He’s won numerous screenplay competitions and is currently in discussions with major studios across three continents.